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Honda Cars



The Honda Jazz has fresh new styling that’s bold and assertive. It combines a fuel-efficient 1.3 litre i-VTEC engine – and the choice of a sporty 6-speed manual, or a smooth 7-speed CVT automatic transmission – with a comfortable and deceptively spacious interior.

Honda Civic


We’ve completely reinvented the Honda Civic 5 Door. It’s a driver’s car that delivers exhilarating turbocharged performance along with a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed CVT transmissions.



Introducing the next-generation Honda CR-V with its beautifully refined lines and spacious interior. Designed around the responsive 1.5 litre VTEC TURBO engine – and a choice of manual or CVT automatic transmissions – it’s ready to take you anywhere you want to go.

Electric Car - Honda e

The all-new Honda e

A Unique Vision

Instead of putting an electric engine in an existing car, we set ourselves a challenge: make a truly electric car from scratch. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we knew it would be worth doing.

Our single-minded approach gives the Honda e its striking looks and means it’s at the cutting edge of technology. You’ll be able to experience the Honda e next year, but if you love the sound of it already, contact us to place your order.

Low running cost
One full slow charge during off-peak costs.

Low maintenance cost
Reduce your annual service charge.

Cleaner driving
No emissions over the 125 miles
you can drive on one charge.

High performance
A turning circle of only 4.3 meters, auto park feature, and a powerful rear-wheel drive.

Rapid charging
Get an 80% charge in up to 30 minutes.x

Honda Logo

About Honda

By the 1960s, Honda was the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer. Customers now wanted more. Soichiro responded with a beautiful sports car prototype in 1962. It reached production, the following year, as the S500. Within two years, a new factory was needed, simply to keep up with demand. Soichiro’s dream was blossoming and the Sixties were swinging.

Every car is built to be a joy to drive and designed to fit around you and your life. When you drive a Honda, we want you to feel the same joy as we felt building it. Our aim is to create a range of cars with global appeal – from the versatile Jazz and the sporty Civic, through the dynamic HR-V and sophisticated CR-V, to the awesome NSX – and to build customer delight with our unique spirit and attention to detail.

The Future

We are constantly asking questions and seeking answers. We always start by looking at how we can turn our dreams into life-enhancing technology for everyone to enjoy; that’s something that will never change.

The Electric Generation

We’ll be creating hybrid and battery electric cars to achieve 100% of European sales electrified by 2025; underlining our commitment to lowering emissions for a cleaner future. The countdown has started and we look forward to exciting times ahead.

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